Residential Services


Since 1986, Equity Valuation Associates has been a full service, independent fee based real estate appraisal and consulting company. We have extensive appraisal experience in the five boroughs of New York City, Nassau County, Westchester County and several counties in New Jersey. Our residential appraisers are State Certified or State Licensed and receive assignments in the market and neighborhoods in which they are experienced and familiar. They are qualified to deal with the unique aspects of each residential property. We do appraisals on FNMA forms as well as narrative reports. Equity Valuation Associates performs appraisals on:

  • Single Family Homes
  • Multi-Family Homes
  • Investment Properties
  • Cooperative
  • Condominiums

We also offer the following specialty services for our Residential Clients:

  • Court Testimony – Expert Witness
  • Matrimonial Appraisals
  • Estate and Estate Planning Appraisals
    • Life Estate Valuations
    • Partial Interest Valuations
  • Condemnation Appraisals
  • Wetland Analysis
  • Appraisal Review and Appeals
  • Property Tax Analysis and Appraisals for Tax Protests
  • Real Estate Tax Opinion Letters Relative to Abatements
  • Rebuttal Appraisals and Consultation Reports